Aioli, Dips, and Spreads

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MG Arugula Pesto


Another staple. Pesto made from basil, arugula, pecorino, pine nuts and olive...

MG Baba Ghanoush


A classic dip of eggplant, mayo, herbs and spices. A great spread for pitas a...

MG Bruschetta Classico


A traditional mixture of tomato, red onion, garlic, lemon, parley and olive o...

MG Horseradish Aioli


Our house mayo infused with horseradish. Ideal for sandwiches, meats and cheeses

MG House Mayo


Our hand blended mayo made from local eggs and canola oil. Enjoy as is on san...

MG Olive Tapenade


Salty and tangy, this spread will impress on pizza, pasta or antipasto

MG Truffle Aioli


Our house mayo infused with pureed black truffles. A high end addition to any...

MG Tzatziki


A traditional yogurt based Greek sauce. Best for fried seafood or as a dip wi...

MG Mango Chutney


This slow preserved chutney is made from mango, onion, red peppers and cider ...

MG Truffle Butter


Butter, garlic, white truffle oil + Italian parsley

Desert Pepper - Chile Con Queso - Medium


From beyond the horizon comes Chile Con Queso. A feat for the senses as red a...

Desert Pepper - Salsa Del Rio - Medium


Not unlike the time of day when the sun and the moon share the sky, Salsa Del...

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