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Spiceology Applewood Smoked Salt


Slowly smoked over the finest applewood, this complex finishing salt adds a ...

Spiceology Basil


Basil gives a subtle, almost peppery taste with hints of clove, licorice an...

Spiceology Bay Leaves


Bay leaves are often added to any dish that simmers for a long time - think...

Spiceology Cumin Seed Whole


Cumin's versatile, warm, earthy flavor is a staple in American Southwestern...

Spiceology Espresso Salt


Two things we all crave, fresh-roasted espresso and hand-harvested sea salt...

Spiceology Five Spice Powder


Five spice blends vary regionally, our version contains fennel, cinnamon, s...

Spiceology Jalapeno Powder


Prepared from immature jalapeno peppers, this ground olive green pepper has...

Spiceology Jamaican Jerk


Jamaican Jerk seasoning blend is packed with cumin, clove, and allspice. Us...

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