Deli Cheese + Meat

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Fior Di Latte


the freshest mozzarella from Italian. Best served sliced and seasoned with se...



the freshest mozzarella from Italy. Best served sliced and seasoned with sea ...

Prosciutto DiParma


The king of Italian ham and foundation of Salumi. World renowned for is delic...

Roasted Turkey


Brined for 18 hours and then slow roasted until tender and juicy. Perfect for...



Fresh mozzarella with a lucious creamy center, made by encapsulating fresh cr...

Genoa Salami Mild


The classic Italian Salami; cured and flavoured with wine, garlic and pepperc...

Parmigiano Reggiano


The queen of all cheeses. Originating in the Parma + Reggio Emilia regions of...



Your standard prosicutto. Perfect balance of sweet and savory. Well rounded q...

MG Antipasto Box


Selection of cured meats, imported cheeses, preserves, baguette

Provolone Mild


This provolone is soft, perfect for slicing or grating and being used on sand...



Sometimes referred to as a cross between French Camembert & Italian Gorgo...

Smoked Brisket


We take our time with our Brisket and it’s well worth the wait. Brined and th...

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