Meat + Seafood

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MG FZN King Salmon


The king of salmon from the west coast of Canada. Wild caught and lean, this ...

CAB Tenderloin Filet Mignon


One of the most prized and tender cuts of beef, featuring the famed Filet Mig...

Local Chicken Breast Boneless + Skinless


Local MB Chicken Breast. Perfect in the grill, oven roasted or lightly poache...

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Canadian Wagyu Ribeye
Italian Sausages (1lb)


House made with our signature blend of herbs, spices and chilies. This sausag...

Local Chicken Thighs Boneless + Skinless


One if the most tender and flavourful cuts of chicken. Made for the BBQ or to...

Japanese A5 Wagyu Center Cut Loin (100g)


Do not be intimadated. This is the most renouned beef in the world. A true Wa...

Grappa Cured Salmon


Cured in house with herbs, spices and ofcourse - Grappa; Try this sliced thin...

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