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An essential Italian ingredient. Endless possibilities such as pesto, pizza, ...



Nature's buttery fruit from California. Perfect on their own or salads, tacos...

Beefsteak Tomatoes


Manitoba's best local tomatoes from St. Anne. Soft, juicy and full of flavor,...



This peppery lettuce is tasty and healthy. Best for salads, pizza, sauteed gr...



From California, these raspberries are juicy and soft. Enjoy on their own or ...



Tart yet sweet little blackberries. Great for breakfast or in salads or fruit...

Red Peppers


A staple in any Italian kitchen. Enough on their own or in pasta, pizza, sala...

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Yellow Onion
Yellow Onion


Whole yellow onions are the base of many dishes and great for caramelizing

Wild Mushroom Mix


A seasonal blend of 4 types of mushrooms. A higher end additonal to pasta, pi...



Aromatic and natural, thyme adds a unique fresh flavor to many dishes includi...



Hearty, earthy broccoli is best roasted, steamed or stir fried. Countless use...

Apples, Granny Smith


These sour green apples are crispy and tasty. Great on their own, or great fo...

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