Fresh Vegetables

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This peppery lettuce is tasty and healthy. Best for salads, pizza, sauteed gr...

Beefsteak Tomatoes


Manitoba's best local tomatoes from St. Anne. Soft, juicy and full of flavor,...



Hearty, earthy broccoli is best roasted, steamed or stir fried. Countless use...

Brussel Sprouts


Full of nutrients, brussel sprouts are best eaten raw shaved then or roasted ...

Butterleaf Lettuce


Soft and buttery, this lettuce is great for salads, lettuce wraps, tacos and ...

Butternut Squash


Best roasted with spices. Great for casseroles, soups and a heathy root veget...



Manitoba carrots sold without the tops. A base for so many dishes, sauces, so...



A base for so many dishes, sauces, soups. Or enjoy on theri own.The possibili...

Crimini Mushrooms


This brown mushrooms has a diverse flavor. The many uses include on pizza, pa...



Cool and clean, English cucumbers are a healthy snack or best for salads, jui...



One of our favorites, whole eggplant are hearty and healthy. Best grilled, br...

Fingerling Potatoes


Naturally creamy, fingerling potatoes are best served roasted or boiled whole...

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