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Fennel Salami


Sold as 100g.



Traditional air cured beef. A classic yet savory substitution for Italian cur...

Canadian Bacon


Cured & smoked pork loin, ‘Canadian style’. Leaner and less salty than tr...



Delicious Italian cured pork shoulder. Spicy, sweet & just the right amou...

Genoa Salami Hot


The classic Italian Salami; cured and flavoured with wine, garlic, red chili ...

Genoa Salami Mild


The classic Italian Salami; cured and flavoured with wine, garlic and pepperc...



A quintessential Italian cold-cut; Rich and creamy in texture and flavour, Mo...

Pancetta Rolled


Italian for bacon; Although not smoked, Pancetta is cured and rolled pork bel...



Brined and roasted pork loin wrapped in the pork belly. Lean and fatty at the...



Your standard prosicutto. Perfect balance of sweet and savory. Well rounded q...

Prosciutto DiParma


The king of Italian ham and foundation of Salumi. World renowned for is delic...

Roast Beef


Made with the finest quality prime rib, slow roasted to perfection.

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