Jams, Preserves, and Syrups

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Belberry Delice Apricot & Cumin


Not as sweet as a traditional jam, this Apricot & Cumin Delice goes perfe...

Belberry Delice Raspberry & Star Anise


Not as sweet as a traditional jam, this Raspberry & Star Anise Delice goe...

Belberry Delice Rhubarb & Muscat Wine


Not as sweet as a traditional jam, this Rhubarb & Muscat Wine Delice goes...

Dript Smoked Maple Syrup


Smoked Canadian maple syrup. Infused with a natural smokey flavour. Made sust...

Josephine's Feast- Wild Beach Plum Preserve


Wild Beach Plum Preserves are made from handpicked beach plums that thrive on...

Josephine's Feast- Red Raspberry Preserve


Hand Crafted Raspberry Preserves are made with long island raspberries picked...

Josephine's Feast- Seville Orange Marmalade


Seville Orange Marmalade is not for the faint of heart - Seville oranges are ...

Josephine's Feast- Sugar Plum Preserves


A seasonal preserve, the flavor is rich in Long Island grown Sugar Plums, fre...

Josephine's Feast- Four Berry Preserves


Four Berry Preserves are made in the height of berry picking season when the ...

Josephine's Feast- OMG Banana Jam


OMG Banana Jam is a lovely tropical banana preserve with vanilla and a hint o...

Josephine's Feast- Turkish Fig Spread


Turkish Fig Fruit Spread is made with figs and reduced fruit juice. No sugar ...

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